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  • Q Which countries and regions do you sale to?

    A We have many customers in the United States, Europe, Janpan, South America and other countries, such as Bray, Tyco, Watts, Mueller, MOEN, Nibco.

  • Q How do you keep the quality of goods?

    A We have sufficient manufacturing capacity and advanced detection equipment. For example,
    The German OBLF direct reading spectrometer is used for double analysis before and after the furnace to ensure that the composition of castings meets the standard requirements; The mechanical property test adopts the tensile test bar of the microcomputer electro-hydraulic universal testing machine to provide accurate mechanical property parameters for castings; A metallographic microscope provides internal metallographic structure; For special needs, it can also provide customers with nondestructive testing; The perfect molding sand experimental instrument fully ensures the performance of molding sand; The fast thermocouple can provide accurate pouring temperature for the operator. Ensure that the castings are free from defects.

  • Q Would you please introduce your company in brief?

    A The bronze casting branch, a subsidiary of Hangzhou Chunjiang Valve Corporation with a half century casting history, which is located in Tonglu county, Zhejiang province. It covers 7000 square meters and has 9 sets medium frequency electric furnace, 1 new type closed sand processing line, 1 set automatic molding machines, and the environmental protection blasting-cutting-grinding equipment & core-making machines, etc.. The quality supervision and control equipment include Germany OBLFGS 1000 spectrometer, Italy GNR spectrometer, sand testing equipment, metallographic structure testing equipment and mechanical testing equipment.
    We mainly produce materials, such as C89833, C95400, C95500, C83600, C84400 and so on, and our annual output reaches over 5,000 tons. Upon receipt of your requirements, we will do everything followed patiently and considerately till you are satisfied. Look forward to cooperating with you.

The company mainly produces various leading bronze castings, bronze water cases, bronze valves, bronze pumps, bronze ship valves, bronze mechanical parts, etc.
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