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company's product

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company's product

The company's detection instrument is improved: casting component testing is used using the German OBLF direct reading spectrometer for pre -furnace and after the furnace double analysis to ensure that the composition of the casting meets the standard requirements; the mechanical performance test uses a microcomputer -liquid universal test machine to stretch the test rod to be the castings for the casting. Provide accurate mechanical performance parameters; 400 times the gold phase microscope provides internal gold phase organizations; for special needs, you can also provide customers with non -destructive detection; perfect sand -type experimental instruments fully ensure the sand -shaped performance; the fast thermocouple can provide the operator with Accurate pouring temperature. Make sure that there are no defects for casting.

The company's main raw materials use 99.99%electrolytic copper, tin, lead, A00 zinc, A00 aluminum, nickel, manganese, pupae and other raw materials; synthetic raw materials mostly use copper ingots imported from the United States to ensure quality.

The company can cast a variety of high -performance, high -precision, high conductivity, high -strength, and difficult copper alloy castings according to customer drawing requirements (or samples).

The company mainly produces various leading bronze castings, bronze water cases, bronze valves, bronze pumps, bronze ship valves, bronze mechanical parts, etc.
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