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Production material

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Production material

The main raw materials used by the company:

99.99%of electrolytic copper, tin, lead, A00 zinc, A00 aluminum, nickel, manganese, and cymbals are pure; synthetic raw materials are mostly imported copper ingots in the United States to ensure quality.

The main materials of the company produced:

Lead -free copper: C89833; C87610; C87850, C90300, C89520 C86500, etc.

Aluminum bronze: C95400; C95800; C95500; C63000; C62300, etc.

Tin bronze: C84400; C83600; LG2 C92200 C93200, etc.

Japan copper alloy number number: BC1 BC3 BC6 BC7, etc. 

Australian brand: DZR602

The company mainly produces various leading bronze castings, bronze water cases, bronze valves, bronze pumps, bronze ship valves, bronze mechanical parts, etc.
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